Injection Molding

Efficiency In Set-Up, Process Control, and Monitoring

Injection Molding Process

Our experienced and dedicated professionals operate equipment ranging from 28 tons to 500 tons of clamping pressure, capable of injecting as much as 26 ounces of material per cycle. Many are computer-controlled molding systems, and all furnish maximum efficiency in set-up, process control, and monitoring. Our machines are designed for repeatability to help secure reduced labor costs and lower rejection rates.

  • Injection molding - parts are molded with conventional multi-cavity and 2-plate or 3-plate tools, some with hot runners
  • Shot capacity - from less than a gram up to 41 ounces per cycle
  • Custom colors
  • Insert molding - which allows for other components to be integrated into the plastic molded part during the cycle
  • Over molding - which uses different component materials and integrates them into a single part

Quality control is an integral part of our injection molding operations and consists of a two-step process…

  • Visual inspection by our trained machine operators on every part as it comes out of the mold
  • Random inspection of acceptable parts by our Quality Control Department prior to shipment
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  • Custom Engineering and Design

  • Tooling and Mold Making

  • Logistics and Distribution

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