Product Overview

ITEN can handle your needs no matter how detailed or unique

Product Overview

ITEN Industries is an ISO-9001 vertically integrated manufacturer of thermoplastic and thermoset stamped, molded, and machined plastic parts. We produce our own UL-recognized Resiten NEMA grade industrial laminates and Politen glass polyester sheets and pultrusions.

As a UL-recognized manufacturer, ITEN has the ability to handle your needs no matter how detailed or unique. We can manufacture your components in any lot size, and remain responsive to your needs at every step of the manufacturing process. And, with our experience, we can help identify areas for improvement in your component design. Our product line includes…

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High Pressure Laminates

More than 65 years experience formulating phenolic, epoxy, melamine, and silicone sheet laminates

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Politen Glass

These high-performance materials offer excellent arc and track protection

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Politen Pultrusions

Epoxy, Phenolic, Vinylester, and Unsaturated Polyester resins formulated for conformance to customer expectations

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Press Ballistic Components

Provide facilities and vehicles with military-grade protection from armed attackers

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Itenite Vulcanized Fibre

With 78 years of experience, Iten is one of the largest vulcanized fibre fabricators in the U.S.

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Thermoplastic Injection Molded Parts

ITEN has more than 35 years experience as an injection molder of thermoplastic parts

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Thermoset Injection Molded Parts

ITEN has more than 25 years of experience as an injection molder of thermoset parts

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