New Product Development

From ideas to innovative, cost-effective products

New Product Development

For several decades, customers have been turning to ITEN Industries to take their ideas and turn them into products that are both innovative and cost-effective. ITEN has the ability to inspire new product development resources and the experience to assist in meeting these challenges effectively.

In providing input for designing, engineering, and implementing composite breakthroughs, ITEN’s Product Development Group can help your organization excel at…

  • Exploring a composite application or design
  • Assisting with or finishing an existing composite application
  • Design testing a composite product
  • Refining or enhancing existing composite products
  • Accelerating a new composite application or design
  • Overview

  • Custom Engineering and Design

  • Tooling and Mold Making

  • Logistics and Distribution

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Manufacturing & Fabrication

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Tooling Design

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Logistics-Warehouse and Trucking

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