Thermoset Injection Molded Parts

  • ITEN has more than 25 years of experience as an injection molder of thermoset parts

  • Thermoset molding is part of 100,000-sq. ft. injection molding operation

  • ITEN performs insert molding of thermoset plastic parts

  • Materials molded are polyesters, phenolics, melamines, and urea

  • Customize parts for various applications with bulk molding compound

  • Prototypes, short runs, and high volume part orders to close tolerances

  • Thermoset materials in standard industry or custom colors

  • Ideal for applications requiring high mechanical strength, wide
    usable temperature range, and unique dielectric properties


Industrial parts

Electrical components

Consumer products

Medical systems

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Aerospace components


  • Parts are molded with conventional and injection compression processes
  • Molding machine capacities are up to 500 tons clamping pressure
  • Secondary assembly, labeling, and special packaging options


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